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Group Pilates Dublin for All Levels

Are you new to Pilates? This 8 week course is an introduction to the Pilates Method, The Principles of Pilates and learning Pilates beginners repertoire of exercises.
Next 8 week Beginners courses commencing:
Tuesday 12th March 6.30pm
Thursday 14th March 8.30pm

Level 1 (Improvers)
For the client that has completed the Beginners course or is coming back to Pilates after a break and is familiar with the principles of Pilates and wants to progress in their Pilates training.

Level 2 (Intermediate)
For the client who has mastered Level 1 and is ready to progress onto more challenging exercises. Your core strength will be greatly increased, your body awareness heightened and your flexibility improved.
With a solid foundation from Level 1 you will be prepared to take on more advanced exercises in your own time. You will progress at your own pace, with the instructor modifying exercises to your ability and to challenge the individual.

Level 3 (Advanced)
Level 3 classes are open to those who have comfortably completed Level 2 or are already experienced in more advanced Pilates practice.
The Level 3 classes are challenging and advanced. With expert tuition and a supportive environment, you will be practicing at a high level and constantly progressing and tuning your form.

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