Pilates Barre


This class is a unique combination and fusion of classical Ballet and Pilates.
A fun, fast-paced and deceptively challenging work-out that improves cardiovascular stamina and tones and sculpts each muscle group. Using the ballet barre as a basis for a complete body workout, the exercises involve dynamic and static movements, isometric holds, core strengthening and dynamic stretching.

Each 60-minute workout targets the major muscle groups and improves posture and alignment no matter what your fitness level. This is how we effectively, efficiently and safely reshape the entire body, creating the highly coveted barre body!

Combining Ballet Barre excercises and mat based Pilates, we also use props such therabands, small weights and Pilates circles.

Pilates Barre is sure to be as challenging as it is enjoyable. And you’re guaranteed to see results, Fast!

Benefits of Pilates Barre include:

• Firm, elongated muscles.
• Reduced body fat.
• High muscle definition in upper arms and upper legs.
• Strong, flat abdomen.
• A toned physique.
• Lifted seat (Booty Bum!!)
• Strength and Endurance.
• Improved body alignment.
• Increase in energy and sense of well being.

Our Pilates Barre Class is on Tuesdays at 8.30pm.



The Pilates Hub Studio

Our Studio in the heart of Rathfarnham is a warm and inviting space.
At The Pilates Hub you are guaranteed a calm and relaxing oasis is waiting for you.
Leave all stress at the door and enjoy a class and become a friend.
Come join us and see for yourself.

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